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Ann L.

  • Tomball, TX

1I used to own a chain of Pho restaurants (Pho Cong Ly) about 15 years ago so I kind of grew up very picky with where I get my pho.  Being in NW houston, we are very limited to good tasting but close by eateries that are almost authentic.

Being in TOMBALL, I was pleasantly surprised.  The one thing I was VERY surprised about what the SIZE of the large bowl.  My kids usually finishes their own Large size bowls but these things were for the average american eater.  VERY GOOD AMOUNT for the money you pay.  The broth was savory, noodles were cooked at the right amount and the meat was tender.  The only thing is…

Your typical “authentic” choices of meat and stuff were limited – probably to cater to the city.  I grew up and live in Tomball so I love my city dont get me wrong.  But I dont see the typical tomball folks eating tripe and tendon and such like vietnamese people. The “special” pho usually comes with everything but here it’s limited to the common meat.


No complaints.  Would recommend.  Best pho choice in tomball or within 15 mile radius of it.  Other choices would be Pho Dang down jones and 1960.  That’s it.. I wouldn’t recommend any other pho place around here.

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