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For what few Hawaii peeps are here in Texas, this is the place to go get some delicious pho

I lived in Hawaii for many years and moved to Las Vegas 2 years ago and just recently moved here to Texas. The whole time I was in Vegas I never ate Pho. One of the reasons was that I never found any place that looked good or got great reviews. The most important reason was that they use tap water for the broth. My stomach is very sensitive and there are very few states that I can drink tap water from.

With the rain that came today I was really craving pho. I searched on Yelp, read the reviews and looked at the pictures and decided to try this place out. When you first walk in, it’s a small place but cozy. I knew what I wanted right away and decided to order the large since it was a dollar more than the small. The bowl was huge when it came out. The first thing I noticed was all the cilantro in it . I’m not a fan of cilantro and was a little disappointed when I saw how much was in my bowl. I’ve never had it in soup in Hawaii but decided to still keep an open mind about it. I sat there and picked most of them out and starting eating. OMG!!!! Taste just like the pho I got back in Hawaii. I was in heaven!!! The waitress came by and apologized for all the cilantro and said sorry I didn’t know you didn’t like cilantro. I said no problem it’s my fault I didn’t know it was in there. Next time I will definetly ask for no cilantro.

The broth was tasty. Meat was thinly sliced and cooked fast. Everything was perfect. For what few Hawaii peeps are here in Texas, this is the place to go get some delicious pho. I can’t wait to try the other items.

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