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The boba tea was great

My fiancée and I have been trying to find a great pho place that we can go to whenever we get that craving and saw that this place had excellent reviews. I must say that the service here is phenomenal, one of the servers greeted us, brought us to our table, and asked us if we have ever had Vietnamese before; he was more than willing to explain the food and how pho is typically eaten. We ordered the chicken pho and egg rolls, I also got milk tea boba, I was surprised to see such a variety here! The boba tea was great, however the egg rolls and pho weren’t anything to swoon over, they were good, but I have had better. It was just lacking in flavor. They also serve macaroons! Which I am going to have to try, I’ll be coming back to try more boba and their little desserts 🙂

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