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Love it!

Just swung by this place to get my dinner on, and because I was starving. Sat down picked up some menus and looked over the options. They have it all, pho, rice and many noodle dishes.

Table ordered a R2, R3, and N9. Food orders taken and the owner lady who took my order mentioned I’d have a 10 min wait longer than others at the table, I was fine with it. She actually ended up bringing it out the same time as R2’s. Said she’d cooked it extra fast just for me, I feel so special!!

Everyone agreed the meats and seasonings hit just the spot with great selection, dessert and even boba drinks if desired. Wifi offerings here as well should you need to get some internet going. Lime in waters was a great touch and utensils all at the table along side a great condiment selection makes me happy. Love it!


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