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The lemon grass beef was so flavorful

Kathy M.

  • Houston, TX

I came here because of the great reviews and there aren’t any good pho places around the Tomball area. So my boyfriend and I decided to give this place a try.

Food: We ordered the lemon grass beef spring roll for our appetizer and ordered the pho because it was cold outside.

-lemon grass beef spring roll (5/5): Amazing. The spring rolls were huge so it only came with 2. The lemon grass beef was so flavorful and soft, the vegetables tasted fresh, and it was paired perfectly with the peanut sauce. Apparently this is a new item on their menu that they just added! I’d come back for this. Highly recommend.

-pho (3/5): It wasn’t as great as how the other reviews hyped it out to be. The broth was bland. My boyfriend and I liked some of the meats though. The brisket was good but the eye round wasn’t tasteful. My boyfriend loved the beef tendon because it was soft and it wasn’t too chewy.

Service (5/5): We were greeted with a warm welcome from the server (cashier) when my boyfriend and I came in. He was very friendly! The  rest of the staff seemed nice too. I gave this place a 4/5 because their service was on point.

I’d probably come back to try their other dishes but I wouldn’t recommend the pho.

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