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The best Vietnamese food north of I-10 in the Houston

Saigon Pho is a hidden gem of Vietnamese food and is without peer in the northern Houston Metro area.  The food is outstanding and the bakery items are among the best that I’ve ever had–seriously.

The macarons and petit fours are simply amazing.  The key to their pure awesomeness is that the owner imports all of the ingredients (flour, chocolate, etc) from France (and she worked as a baker in Paris for 30 years).  American flour is made from different wheat and has very different composition from French baking flour.  These differences are extremely noticeable in bread and pastries.

I have had the following items and here are my ratings (1 to 5):

1. Steamed dumplings – 5:  These are the best dumplings that I’ve ever had.  Wow.  Perfect ratio of dough to filling, perfectly cooked, the sauce is perfect.  Wow.

2.  Chicken wings – 5:  Incredibly crispy.  These are the crispest wings that I’ve ever had.  The Korean sauce rocks.

3.  Rice plate with grilled Korean beef – 5:  My wife was literally sucking the meat off of the bone.  Really, really good.

4.  Pho (white chicken breat) – 5:  Perfect.  I had to drink the broth when I was done because it was so good.

5.  Vermicelli (grilled shimp and egg rolls) – 3:  The only miss that I’ve had so far.  The shrimp were bland, but the egg rolls were great.  The vermicelli was over cooked.

6. Pad thai (combo) -4:  Very different from any other pad Thai that I’ve ever had.  It was good, but very different.

I highly recommend this place–it is the best Vietnamese food north of I-10 in the Houston Metro area and its baked desserts are among the best that I’ve ever had.

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