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Wonderful prices, wonderful food, and wonderful staff.

Drove in to Tomball from over an hour away to try this place out, and let me just say…WELL WORTH THE TRIP.

A friend of mine heard me mention in passing of my obsession with Pho and my disappointment with there seemingly being no proper options in the College Station area. They suggested this lovely little gem situated over an hour away.

I’m blown away by the prompt service (the waiter and staff were exceptionally sweet) and incredible food. At the behest of other Yelpers, I decided to try out the pork  spring rolls first. They were right: the pork was outstanding and tastefully charred, exactly how I love them!

But what I was there for was the Pho, my goodness THE PHO. I have scoured much of the Houston area more than I’m proud to admit to find a bowl that met my standards (I come from san antonio you see. With all the military bases there, there’s TONS of international options I’ve been spoiled by). Their broth was exactly what I’ve been searching for. Flavorful, but not greasy. Delicate and aromatic, without coming out bland. And THE TENDON SLICES. I had a pho bowl with the tendon since even some my favorite pho places have either removed this less popular item to save space in the kitchen or offer so little of it in the bowl that it may as well not be there. Not this place though! Along with the regular thinly sliced meats came tons of soft and chewy tendon slices–if I hadn’t already been won over, this definitely did it 🙂

Finally as a personal treat for my drive home I got a taro bubble slushie. It was HUGE. Well over 16oz and filled well into the dome lid it comes with. Always a nice surprise.

Overall wonderful prices, wonderful food, and wonderful staff. My only regret is that they aren’t in the College Station area or they’d have me at least twice a week! Our international students could definitely use a place like this too what with so little options!
Hour drive or not, I’ll definitely be coming back!

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