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The 5 Best Restaurants in Tomball

There’s been an explosion in Tomball’s growth over the past few years. There have been infrastructure improvements, such as the 249 Toll Road and the Grand Parkway expansion, new shopping centers and, of course, new restaurants. That means that these days there are many new dining choices, in addition to well-established, respected eateries. Here are our five top restaurant picks in Tomball.

5. Saigon Pho, 28301 Tomball Parkway, Suite 300. Tucked away in the corner of a relatively new strip center is Saigon Pho, a wonderful little mom-and-pop restaurant.  The menu includes Vietnamese food such as pho, vermicelli bowls, fried rice plates, curries and post-meal treats such as coffee, pastries, bubble tea and macaroons. A house special, the French-inspired bò lúc lac, is sautéed tender, each bite savory with a hint of sweet.  The hot pepper tofu is pan-fried until crisp, stir-fried with fresh vegetables and sauce, then served with a large mound of rice. There are also other kinds of Asian dishes, such as the pad thai, pictured above.


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